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Application Rules: READ THIS SECTION FIRST Empty Application Rules: READ THIS SECTION FIRST

Post by Morning Glory on Sat Oct 15, 2016 4:20 pm

Welcome to the application section for New Names Old Friends. Before you post your application please pay attention to these few rules we have in place. Please note that you DO NOT have to be a member of the alliance to post an application. I allow guests to post on the forums for the reason of applying to the alliance. Please make sure that your IGN and Application Date are in the topic line. Failure to do this step is an automatic NO.

You MUST be in the NW Quad
You must have at least 5 villages with CP sufficient to establish #6 within 48 hours of acceptance.
A Minimum of 7:1 troop count in accordance with your declared play style. (DO NOT PUT NUMBERS)
You MUST sign up for our troop tool, and update weekly.

1. No vulgarity. We have all ages on the forums. Any vulgarity will be edited out and notice given.

2. ABSOLUTELY NO TROOP COUNTS. These forums are open for ALL members.

3. We like to get to know our members. Please list your favorite animal with your application, so that we know you are aware of this section. Failure to do this, will slow down your process with the alliance.

4. This process can take a few days. Please be patient. Impatience is something that will not enhance your time of getting into the alliance. We need to know you are a team member and willing to wait, and not jump the gun.

5. Your account will be sit checked. From the time you apply, you must save ALL reports. Any missing reports or if they look like they are missing will delay your application. We will also have a short drill set up for you to complete before entrance into the alliance. Stay safe. Have fun.
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